You Came Up In The Breeze.

Happy Thursday my fellow readers. It’s been a scorcher in Adelaide, South Australia today. We were the hottest area in the whole wide world reaching a ridiculous 46 degrees today. I spent my day inside baking and looking after my dogs. This also consisted of me walking around the house in my bathers. Why don’t I own a kiddie pool. And why do I ask myself this question every year and never do anything about it!? I was a lucky girl to have the day off, my heart went out to those who had to leave the house and catch public transport. I even made a little bird bath so the poor little creatures could come have a drink and a bath. My good deed for the day, give me good karma please and thank you.

Since November I’ve been working two jobs. I’m still at my Muffin shop, but also I’ve been working in retail selling baking, kitchen and home-ware supplies. It’s been such a great experience and I’ve learnt and obtained so many new skills. I’m extremely grateful for them to take a chance on me. It’s coming to an end now and the question is will I stay or will I go!? My boss pulled me aside the other day and said she wants me to stay. The only downside is that they can’t offer me full time work. They can only offer me two shifts a week. I honestly told them that I need full time work as I plan on moving out soon and to finish off paying debts. I think she was disappointed. She told me I’d done so well, I work hard and learn very quickly. The good news was is that she said she might keep me on until I do find full time work. But also they might just let me go. Either way she said she will write me a reference. They’re so lovely, helpful and caring at that store. It will be sad to go, but hopefully the goodbye isn’t too soon in the future.

This year has gone off to a great start. I know we’re only 16 days into the year but I have such determination to dominate this year. To apply the changes and make and grow myself into a strong person. Change can be scary, but this year I want adventure. I don’t want to settle for anything less, I want to fill my life with anything and anyone that makes me happy, inspires me and makes a good impact on myself. The journey of Belinda 2014 has begun.


The Selfie Timeline.

The evolution of the selfie has come quite far. I was browsing through old photographs on my desktop and I discovered that I was a serial selfie artist. But then again, I found it interesting to see how I’ve evolved over the years. The first selfie I had taken was for my MySpace profile. So I took the time to log in to my MySpace account, yes it still exists! I browsed through the old selfies, and my god how I’ve changed. From blonde curly hair, to the red, short, long. It’s amusing to myself.

I was also curious to the fact that if other websites with my selfies exist. DailyBooth was one, but they’ve sadly closed down. And of course Flickr, although I’m not aware of anyone really using this website anymore. It was such a big thing when it was released online, and now I never see links to anyone’s Flickr accounts anymore. Nowadays we have Instagram and people have the technology on their phones to upload pictures to Twitter and Facebook. I rarely use a camera anymore, but I’ve never been much of a photographer. I thought I would share these pictures with you all and you can see how I’ve grown up over the years, from 2005 to 2014.


I’m hoping to have some more interesting blog posts in the near future. Thank you for the wonderful feedback and the warm welcome back into the blogging world. You are all so wonderful.


And Here I Go, Losing My Control.

Oh Hello. This is not stranger danger, I have returned to the online world of blogging. Yes, after a massive hiatus of dealing with a lot of redundant bullshit of 2013, I’ve decided to start fresh. Take a big breath, blog and relief. Throughout 2013 I had many downs, more than ups. It was hard to write down because I don’t think I had the spirit to blog about what was happening in my life. Don’t get me wrong, there were some positives throughout the year. My best friend got married, I did a month of Jury Duty, saw Ringo Starr live, started a brand new job selling baking & kitchen supplies and of course fun times with old and new friends. But the downs outweighed the good, I won’t go into massive detail but I had a cancer scare, was in hospital 3 times, dealt with my mental illness very heavy, ended a relationship.

Throughout that time though, around Adelaide and online I had many people saying that I helped them through mental illness because of my blog. They also asked me why I wasn’t posting anymore, it was just a too personal question to answer. But I’ve come to my senses now and I’m going to open my mind and soul to you all again. Also for all of those who don’t understand what us crazy folk go through. And I say crazy, because that’s how the majority of people see us. But we are strong individuals and we go through such dark times, well I should put it as many dark tunnels. So I hope that this blog helps many of you understand mental illness, anxiety and depression a little bit better, and for those who suffer I hope I can encourage you to float on through life. I’ve deleted all of my posts as well, as I want to start fresh and not focus on the past.

I’m truly looking forward to 2014. Although I don’t have much planned, I’m just hoping I can kick 2014′s butt. I’m going to be seeing Green Day and The Rolling Stones this year, which is ever so exciting. I’ll be heading over to Perth for one of my best friend’s wedding later in the year. I’m also hoping to go to a few other states in Australia throughout the year. I’m currently looking for full time work, so far not successful BUT I’m working two jobs at the moment so my life is pretty crazy. I’ve also started baking Macarons and created a website called . Feel free to check it out, although I’ve been pretty shit at updating it, but I’ll try and get some new recipes up soon!

As for the website, I’ve updated a whole lot of plugins and pages. Everything should be working now, but let me know otherwise. Also I’ve deleted broken links so if any of my fellow readers have blogs and want to exchange links, just comment below with your link and I’ll add you. We’ve got to network as well. Also hello to my BlogLovin Followers, where the hell did you come from!? I’m sorry I haven’t updated you with much, but that’s about to change. Thank you to the 271 of you so far. It’s lovely to know that you guys do read my blog and enjoy it. I do my best.

Until next time, lets get this year started. x
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Leggings Are Not Pants.

Leggings are not pants girls! Tights or whatever you want to call em, they are a big fashion no, no NO!

People have been wearing leggings as pants for just too long now. Why won’t this trend burn in hell? I have just had enough of these girls parading around. Please don’t get me wrong, I own a pair of leggings myself. You know the difference between myself and these stupid girls? I cover my ass and vagina!

That’s right ladies. If you want to make a nice outfit with your leggings wear a long t-shirt or a nice pretty floral dress. No one wants to see a camel toe, panty outline or your actual underwear.

You might think you look hot. But…you don’t. You look like garbage. Actually I would accept pants made out of garbage bags compared to leggings.

So when you wake up next time and decide you want to wear leggings with an outfit. Cover your private bits. Check yourself out in the mirror before you leave the house. Because if you don’t, you might be leaving your house like this.




Certain Things I Hate About Gigs.

Of course I love music. Music is my life. Keeps my head on. As I said last week I went to a gig to see Foster The People. It was an amazing gig, but it sparked my mind there are quite a few things which I highly dislike about going to gigs. Gigs are always fun, and it’s always a good way to meet new fans and find new music. I’m 24, and sometimes I think I have the mind of a bitter 50 year old woman. But I feel I can let a little gig rant off on my blog.

1. Girls dancing like idiots – We all know these girls. It’s ok to dance at a gig and have fun. But what’s with these younger girls who dance like they have crabs!? Standing in a crowd is CROWDED enough. I really don’t need some bimbo rubbing her ass on me. Flipping her hair around so it whips me in the eyes. Wearing hardly any clothes, putting her arms up so high that I get a whiff of cheap perfume and body odour. I can assure you that the majority of people that go to gigs aren’t interested in their stupid cheap dance moves. Everyone has their eyes on the stage, not at their lame dance moves. Girls, if you want to dance like a desperate slut, please go to a club. I’m sure there are plenty of people that will appreciate your moves and your dry humping there.

2. That really tall guy that blocks the entire stage – It sucks to be tall. I always feel sorry for these guys. Over 6ft tall, standing in a crowd pissing off 92% of the people who paid $50 to see a band live. But they can’t see the band live, because this guy blocks the stage. No matter where you move in the room, he’s still there. That huge gigantic silhouette. Most tall people do have the consideration to stand at the back of the room. But there’s always that one douche who’s just like, ‘Fuck everyone, I’m going to stand in the middle of the mosh and piss everyone off so they can’t see the stage, muhahahaha’.

3. Drunk idiots wanting attention from the band – These douche bags. I think I hate them the most. They shout ridiculous comments, throw their empty cups on stage and also try to jump onto stage. I don’t understand what these men try to achieve. You will be going home alone tonight, you’re not a rock star. By the way, your breath wreaks of stale beer and garlic.

4. The people that push through the crowd – Ummm what the fuck. A lot of people get a venue early to get their spot close to the stage (mad respect for these people). Then there are a few other selfish assholes who rock up late. Carry two beers and push their way to the front of the stage. No sorry, no excuse me. It’s just, ‘get out of my way for I am the shit and I know more about music and I’m a wanker and I deserve to be up the front because I am so amazing’. Wouldn’t it just be awesome if we were allowed to punch these people in the face, or even push them so they fall to the floor. I usually find it to be females who pull this move. These girls hold hands and just elbow everyone. These girls are also the ones that come under #1.

5. No Encore – This has happened several times for me. I always find the Encore to be the most energetic part of the night. The crowd goes even crazier because they don’t want the band to go home. A few years ago when I saw Green Day they did 4 Encores. But there are some bands, who just don’t come back out. The worst band I saw was Fall Out Boy. They played for an hour and that was it. I think I paid $75 for my ticket. Waste of money. So if you don’t play an encore for your fans, you suck!

6. Girls wearing high heels – I don’t understand the concept of wearing high heels in a mosh pit. My ankle was twisted one time at a gig, thanks to a tranny looking 15 year old. Jumping around, she could barely stand up. She just kept jumping on everyone’s feet. I ended up falling due to the pain, and twisted my ankle. I’ve had friends whose feet have started bleeding. One time my sister lost her sneaker because a girls heel went into her shoe and pulled it off. If guys can’t wear thongs (flip flops for US) to a concert due health and safety. I believe they should ban high heels. They are highly dangerous, not just for us other concert goers, but for the girl who is wearing these dangerous shoes. It just looks idiotic as well.

Hope you enjoyed my mini gig rant guys. Let me know what irritates you the most when you go to a gig.